Friday, November 18, 2011

Video Games.

Wen I can I play games on the internet, which is usually always cause I don't have anything better to do with my time when I'm not doing school work or Seminars.

The opening of Transformice.
 There's 2 main online games you'll find me on and the first one is Transformice.

Some of us call it Mousey game cause your a cute little mice with cloths on trying to get cheese into the hole and trying not  to die at every map.

There's other things to do then just the normal maps like, Survivor, Baffbot, now can play Pictionary, or just go hang out in the Tribe room (a tribe is like your own little group).

Plus you get to meet and talk to people all over the world!

Sometimes you get annoyed with mice, because their either trolls or they think their soooo pro that they can always get first and no one else can. Till someone swoops in and steals their first, then it gets fun!

Sever page for zOMG

Another game I'm getting back into is zOMG on Gaiaonline.

Its kind of an RPG game as well but your using your character from Gaia. Like Mousey game you get to meet interesting people.

For a while zOMG had this thing call Vivox or Voip and it was always fun to have a full crew that had a microphone because the conversations were always fun to listen to.

The main part of the game is to finish the quests to bump up your CL (charge level) by getting orbs or now as well Shadow Orbs from the new expansion. That I know of the highest you can be is a 12.0 before it was a 10.0.

Anyway Those are the 2 main games youll see me on normally. What games do you play? Just leave a comment below doesnt matter if its for a game consul or web game, just put the name =)


  1. Transformice obviously! There's something addictive about controlling a little mouse. Other than that, Steam is a good platform for cheap and fun games. You'll also find the expensive ones on there, all you need is $$$.

    P.S. Lovely layout and content for the blog Ash.

  2. Ash i really like your whole blog,its awesome :) its really cool that you mentioned transformice :) we all love you,keep up good work <3
    -Rainy <3