Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food Combinations

So as I was talking to my friend we were talking about food combinations and I though why not make a blog about food.

He was telling me about his favorite combinations and I was thinking ALL day about my favorite food and combos.

Foods, Some of my favorite foods are Mac n Cheese cooked any way I love Cheese Im a little mouse!
Another is Beef Stroganoff But see this is my All time Favorite food I love the flavor the texture and just the little clumps of flavoring I want it write now just by typing about it!

Burritos Gotta love them! my favorite is the Combo or meat beans and cheese from Taco Lita, Best burritos ever!

Combos. I love to dip my french fries in shakes like the M&M's Mcflruy and fries from McDonlads, or the Chocolate Shake and fries for In-n-out. Also Milk I love milk and for a lot of things i have to drink milk after it or with it. Milk and Cookies, after Mac n cheese, just can be anything!

So now you've read some of my combos and I want to know some of yours leave a comment below with some of your wacky Combinations or just Favorite foods!


  1. That madam is some pretty random combinations. I mean i like Jelly beans with my eggs. but thats just me. But the French Fruies With Milkshakes.. thats just odd.. but i am pretty sure that you are a odd person. Good job

  2. mcflurys go good with everything. those things are amazing

  3. Hamburger lasagna! A must-try!

  4. Ok, so first, reading this has given me an incredible appetite!!! It makes me want to go eat at Five Guys. Their burgers are good, but their fries are to die for! I would love to combine some Five Guys Fries with a Del Taco milkshake--yes, Del Taco, or maybe El Pollo Loco--MMMM....