Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clouds and Disneyland

So the picture I took with my phone on monday going down to Disneyland.

As I was sitting in the back seat all I could look at was the sky. At one point there was a spot in the clouds that looked like an Elephant, Dumbo to be exact.

On days like that me, my sister and mom like to look up and see what we can point out. Cloud watching, but what I love to see is when you see the spots where the sun is peeking through the clouds in the distance, it reminds me of the Johnny Apple Seed Cartoon from a movie. I think its Fun and Fancy Free but I could be wrong.

Yes my Accuracy sucks but come on! good
score right?
The other thing I wanted to talk about was Disneyland/California Adventure. It's my all time favorite amusement park(s) to go to since I could remember.

I've ben to Knots Berry Farm, Six Flags and Disney and thats really about it that I can remember. I always look forward to going to Disneyland because I love roller coasters, Like Space Mountain cause you can't see the track so you suddenly hit a turn or a dip. But then there's Indian Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, in California Adv. there's California Screamin' and many more I didn't name. but then there's the calmer rides like Midway Mania (Picture is my Score from the interactive ride) Monster's Inc., Jungle Cruise, Star Tours, Rodger Rabbit, Peter pan, Alice, ect.

And then the shows, the Fire works, or the new one World of colors, Captain EO, the Muppets, or just the Mickey Shorts. But you can say you can never get bored there!

Any way What are some of your Favorite memories at an amusement park or just your favorite one to go to? or just your Favorite ride? Don't be shy leave a comment below or ask me about my favorite memory/park/ride.

And to everyone who reads Thank you! So much its nice to see I have views and their not just from me cause I told it to not track mine.

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  1. Ah good old amusement parks. Back then when I was about 8 years old, we went to a different amusement park every tuesday. I can honestly say that we've been to nearly every amusement park in the country, even though it's not that big. Looking back at it, those were some great times. Thanks for letting me bring up those memories.