Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random thoughts

Lately I've been have random little thoughts. And since I guess I'm gonna be blogging now why not jot them down if I remember them.

One of the random thought is how People can just be so, Mean or Heartless. But I guess its one of those times where it takes one to know one. And out there is life its really a dog eat dog world there's not much more to say to that cause its the truth. Some people don't even work for the things they get as others work for what they want. My thoughts on that is the people that don't work for what they get shouldn't be in the working world cause they don't deserve it when there's people out there who work their butts of to get sometimes just the minimum of things.

One thing I learned is that you don't read a book called Dark World by Zak Bagans before you go to bed. You'll have some odd dreams.

There was more.. but I don't really remember that much. Plus this seems long enough.

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