Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saviour (Script i did for school)

(One day as Kimi was walking home from a friend’s house she passed by a park her and her best friend James, would always go to when they were together or if they had a problem to get away and think. As she was walking by she noticed someone sitting at the slide and it was James. So she goes over to talk to him.)
Kimi: James? Is that you?
James: Hi Kimi…
Kimi: James is everything ok? (Goes up to next to him on the jungle gym.)
James: Kims it’s my father again, he’s been drinking more lately.
Kimi: He’s not hurting you, is he?
James: I’m scared to fall asleep at my own house now he’s been so angry. Throwing things at the walls, punches at me. Threatening my mother. I don’t know how much more I can take... I’ve been thinking that if I wasn’t there anymore maybe he’ll be happy and I wont have to deal with being hurt anymore.
Kimi: James your not thinking about suicide are you?
(James stays quiet and twiddles his thumbs)
Kimi: You can’t do that! How long have you been thinking this?
James: For a couple days now, if I wasn’t alive anymore maybe then my dad will have something else to think about his fail of a son. And be less angry and drinking cause then he can live his happy life he wants.
Kimi: What about your friend James! You can’t leave us behind, James you’re my best friend and what am I going to do with out you. I wont have someone there that knows me better then I know myself. You would be making your father happy yes, but hurting everyone else while doing that.
James: Then what am I going to do I can’t stay there anymore. If I don’t kill myself my father will kill me. I’ve already heard him say it.
Kimi: Move out? Come live with me! My mom loves you to pieces and we have the guest room!
James: I couldn’t do that I’d be a burden on your family.
Kimi: James! Your already pretty much family my mom couldn’t say no to this, all she’ll say is that your welcome to stay for as long as you want and maybe would like you to get a job so you can help support yourself.
James: Are you sure?
Kimi: Let me call my mom and ask her.
(Kimi takes her phone out and calls her mom telling her the situation. After a few minutes she hangs up.)
Kimi: My mom said you are more then welcome to stay for as long as you need and in the morning you can get your stuff and we’ll all go together to tell your parents that you are going to move in with us for your safety.
(The solution) Taking James out of his house get him out of his father’s grasp and keeps him safe and gives him a good environment to be in with his best friend and parents that will take him in as their own. It helps him realise that being dead would not be the solution bout would cause more problems for others.
-The Next Day-
James: Kims I’m really scared.
Kimi: James it’s ok you and me will go into your room to pack up your essentials and them we’ll tell him what’s going on. Just be strong, we can do it James.
(Kimi’s mom calls in the background “ Kimberly, James come on theres a suitcase in the car for James.” They walk out to the car and they go to James’s house. As they walk into the house Kimi and James walk to his room as her mom says in the living room watching his father.)
James: Kimi can you go to the bathroom to grab my tooth brush and the things in there I’ll pack up clothes in here.
Kimi: Ok.
(As they finish up packing they go into the living room and James looks at his parents)
James: I’m moving in to the Jones’s guest room. For the fact of my safety and away from you Father, I am scared to be in this house any longer when you are drunk because of what you have been doing and I’m calling an end to it. Now you don’t have to deal with me any longer and you can live your happy life. Good bye.
(James walks out of the house before his parents could say anything. Kimi and her mother follow behind.)

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