Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do you ever have a weird dream? Or a dream that scares you to the point your afraid to go to sleep? Even good dreams.

Well today I had a scary dream. I remember some of it and what I do I don't like it.

What I remember was; I was trying to help these 2 kids by bringing them into my house for the night cause their parents are flat out crazy. So they come to the house and my parents call the cops, well after
the cops left one of the 2 parents come back and threaten to kill me. So I ended up getting into a physical fight with her and knock her out for a short time. Me and my dad just sit there and watch her. My dad disappears when she wakes up and goes at me again but my dad comes backs and gets to her attention to go see, something at the end of the garage. I come up behind them and hit her on the head with something really hard not sure. Well after that me and my dad put her in a bin or something to hold her there till morning so we can call the cops to come get her. Over the night (in my dream) I sat in bed scared then i remembered my mom goes out to the garage before me and my dad ever would and all i could think of was that she was going to kill my mom cause she would think it would be me or something with what ever she can find in the garage.

And then I woke up, and I didn't want to go back to sleep. Luckily it was just about the time that Dylan wakes up.

I don't usually remember my dreams unless there like that one to where they either stuck with me, or they scare me.

So what about you have you had some scary dreams or good dreams that you remember? If you want go ahead and put them in a comment below and no you don't have to log into comment just click the comment button!

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