Saturday, December 10, 2011


Graduated: June 8th, 2011 
Class size: 49-52
School: Riverside Prep.

Graduating from High School, I didn't feel any different and I sill don't.

Do I miss high school? Of course! It was one place I always had somewhere to go and being home is boring! I miss my friends and being busy! But college is going good.

Seeing people post in the group for my Graduating class and them saying that they miss high school finally gave me something to write about. I want to share some of what they were saying and of course I asked for permission.

The First is Nick:

Class of 2011. I've started looking back onto our four years of high school and I'm glad I got to know some of you very well. You know who you guys are. If there's one thing I regret right now is not getting to know all of you. :/ I'm honestly going to say at this point I miss all of you. And for the ones I used to talk to constantly, it seems everyday that we've all gone our separate ways and basically lost contact because we're all busy. Best of luck to everyone reading this and be successful in life. never let others get you down and just push towards your dreams.
Your friend: Nick

Second is Irene:

I do miss high school, seeing friends and missing Mr. Wilson's class and ASB. But I don't miss a lot of people, College is fun when you only have times for yourself and buying food is not that fun. I also miss the free food Lol. College is not that hard unless you believe in yourself instead of other people. And if you have a good reason to be in college instead of saying I am doing it cause I don't have any other choice. My reason is to be successful in life no matter what other people think. The school i am at the teachers actually care more about your work and what you learn. I have friends and when they say that you makes friends in college that last longer, their actually right. Miss everyone <3

Third is Matthew:

I miss High School. The reason I do is all of you. Every one of you were part of my life in High School. I has the best laughs, the greatest memories and some of the best times with all of your. I would never trade my experience with anything because it helped make me become the person I am now. I thank all of you for being my friend (I am positive all of us were friends). :)

I hope that all of us could come together at some point in life just to see where we all ventured off to. Thanks for being the best, RP class of 2011!

Last is Me:

Truthfully I do miss high school, I miss all the people and my friends and teachers. After you Graduate you don't feel different, yeah you feel accomplished and knowing your done with high school. Being in college is different the professors are really nice usually but have very strict guide lines, They really love to teach and you can see that when they are teaching. When on campus you can make so many new friends and have the full experience and when your doing online classes you have time to just focus on your classes that you have. But I really do miss everyone from high school.

So I say Good luck to everyone if your already graduated or just graduating this up coming year or the next few years be prepared for your life to flip and have a goal/dream and fight to keep it alive and don't forget to have fun!

Love always.

I've also asked a few People from the grade below (the Seniors now) To write something to the Class of 2011 and this is where they will be!

First person is Roberto:

Well being a senior graduating after the 2011 class, I do have some questions. How did they deal with everything that comes with being a senior? How did they deal with the senior project? How did they stay awake in every class? I can't answer any of these questions but what I do know that they set the standard. Looking back a year ago, everyone I knew in the 2011 class was and still is a great person. They were generous and very kind towards each other. I learned a lot form them that I will use in life. I can honestly say I can thank most of them for helping me mold into the person I am.

Second is Gabby:

I love the class of 2011. They were some awesome people and funny times. They were good people, that class is one I cannot forget, some of the people their made me open my eyes.

Third is Melie:

Class of 2011.
The class that I looked up to, Literally. You guys all had unique characters that never in my life have I ever met. =) you all have a special personality, and meeting every single one of you has been a blessing. I miss you all, but in a sense I feel like I'll never lose you all. I'm proud of all of you, and I know you'll all make a significant difference in the world. I hope you all stand high with your chin up, and eyes on your destination. You'll always have support from me. =)
<3 Melie

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  1. Yess I was first lol
    but that was really kool for u to do Ashley. This is something to remember right here.
    and Roberto, to answer how we stayed awake in classes, they key to that is you have to have fun with the friends you are sitting around. Make every moment you have with your friends last and make sure they are fun memoriable times. The momentsi rememeber thewere during English. Hanging and messing around all my friends even tho they messed with me alot. It was a great time
    I would never change that.